March 28, 2012

Birthday wishes . snap preview on Birthday present ❤

received a MMS from my sister on my 20th birthday on 23rd March.

bersemangat kakakku edit gambar semata mata nak hantar MMS. tak tahan tu tepek gambar sendiri :P haha. untunglah dapat kutip bunga ros yang Ama tanam then letak dekat bilik sendiri. thank you Alak.


thank you to those who wish me on facebook :'D


spend hours talking on the phone on my birthday :'D

sadly saya tak ada kawan yang pengguna celcom kot? so tak aktifkan 7days free call ni.


ini adalah hadiah yang diterima seminggu awal sebelum 23 March 2012. 
thanks Alak for spend a fortune on this.

and thats my cat, Ben Ben. licking good.

excited buka wrapping.

Elianto :D

unwrap :D

make-up kit.

make up remover.

haven't try it yet.

after button it up.

dream come true. my very own eye primer :')



my very own blush and shades :'D 

eye shadow palette. 

10 colours. nude and rainbow.

it is super pigmented :)

10 colors is more than enough. I did a survey for MAC eyeshadow palette.can't afford it :) sebab saya ni mengada. most of the gifts above, saya yang demand from my sister. I did ask why she didn't buy me foundation, presses powder or loose powder or any lipstick or any bronzer. HAHA.or maybe eyeliner? eyebrow pencil or perhaps a BB cream.

simple answer : manalah Alak tahu kulit kau sesuai dengan foundation mana..... -.-

typical me. always getting on her nerves. like yesterday when I was curious about the cost of these. she said (with angry tone) it cost her almost RM300. okay fine. thank you sister. kerana berjaya mengkopakkan poket  demi adikmu yang comel. HAHAHAHA. perasan.

have a nice day everyone :)

March 23, 2012

Early 20's ❤

23 March 2012. tepat umur meningkat ke 20 tahun.
I'm getting older :')



wonderful celebration.

my birthday gift : melihat matahari terbit.

March 22, 2012

Welcome to 20th ❤

I'll turn 20 years old exactly on 23rd March. But an advance birthday for me wouldn't matter. I bought my own cupcakes for my birthday. sad but true. hehe. bye :)

March 20, 2012

Random ❤

from housemates.

ini adalah contoh model cafe untuk final project art and design. not mine. my roomates :P seperti mempunyai my own barbie doll house.

penat menatap gambar patung?

I love my roses :D

saat ini saya sedang menjawab soalan MAF 280.
this is post schedule post.

goodluck :)

March 19, 2012

Elianto for turning 20th ❤

received MMS from my sister last night. she managed to buy my birthday present eventually :P although I was expected she would buy me Skin Food product that could cost a fortune :P HAHA. joke joke.

I love Skin Food product. but due to the cost for each product, I shall prefer Elianto :)

my sister also has warned me, my birthday gift should not exceed RM300. well..... if you have any balance from RM300, due let me know sis? HAHAHA. I did requested for eye shadow, eye primer and even foundation and any make up product. BUT tak ada peluang nak dapat compact press powder or loose powder. sebab tak tahu skin tone apa :( <<---- muka minta simpati. tak tahu bersyukur.

tak tahu nak ekspress terima kasih macam mana. nak kata i love you pun segan. HAHAHA. sila sila bagi hadiah selalu. muka bahagia dapat hadiah v(^^)

Broach from mom . aerobic . Fittings ❤

my mom gave this to me on 4th March 2012. it wasn't much. it's not the value that's matter. it's the sentimental value that we received. thank you Mom. I love you.

on 6th March, my bestfriend, Shana invited me to join her on aerobic. atau aerobik. it was fun. although i'm wearing sandals or selipar jamban instead of sport shoes. seriously I need to have one though.

our natural faces. I look retarded trying to follow the steps for 1 hour. and some of the steps are quite like being an arabic dancer. not a pool dancer. it's just you have to work on your hips. dengan erti kata lain, kalau jadi badan tanpa tulang.

on 10th March 2012, finally my mom and both of my sister went to fittings. my 1st sister wedding is due 28th April. so only now we rushed things up. and on the other hand. I hate this tailor. too many critics, too many complains. it seems like she wants money but she doesn't want to work.  

upah untuk jahit baju kurang biasa : RM 90. melampau.

since we didn't have any choice left..... layankan sahaja.

so here are the design. which one is my fittings measurement? :) i'm not sure how it going to come up. if it turns out bad..... berserah sahaja.

this week, will be busy studying for upcoming final paper. another two papers. :)
Pink Rose Flower Pink Rose Flower