January 30, 2015

Green Box Karaoke. Bros Cafe. Coffee and Dreams. @Seremban 2 (Coffee experience)

Akan mula internship next monday, February 2nd. nervous. hehe. so before working experience, sempat pergi karaoke and coffee hunting secara tidak sengaja. this is yet again unplan trip. I never make plan to go out. It just happen. 

So here we are. at Green Box Karaoke, Jusco, Seremban 2.

The student price is RM13 per person without tax. murah. sebab for 3 hours! of course rasa berbaloi.

right after karaoke terus pergi Uptown Avenue. heard some reviews saying di sana banyak cafe yang classic macam di Publika. can even find a party shop selling helium balloons! :)

so here's the view from outside. it was gloomy day.

the counter. sama macam Starbucks. order di counter.

and I was a bit "jakun" because I never thought the Ipad on the counter is for the purpose to scroll down the menu listed. more easy to choose from since it has a picture for every drink or meals.

I personally think they do not serve meal. but more on dessert like brownies and cakes. 

Quite okay right the price?

there's a printed wifi password at the bottow. not sure if they change the password regularly.

my hot chocolate.

Serious benar muka Shana. masa ni ada family emergency.

the stool i was sitting on was quite high, the table is above my knee height. 
so it does seems impossible for me to snap a really good picture of myself.
haha. take several shots to achieve this :p

Hot chocolate and mocha.

right after coffee drink(thought i was drinking hot chocolate), terus pergi Coffee and Dreams. heard a good reviews about this cafe also. 

and a waffle raisins! :)

orang yang paling semangat makan.

Thanks for this moments Shana.
looking forward for new place to hang out with :-*
lots of love from your bff.

January 22, 2015

Apple Store online purchase : Iphone 6

So I drowned my Iphone 5 which was bought back then in 2013 in the washing machine. It was an accident. I only realized my phone was missing 15 minutes after I put my laundry. It was tragic though it is not my first time have issue with electronic device and water. they DON'T MIX! unless you bought underwater camera or waterproof phone, then it's okay.

from previous experience, I have multiple experience with water and electronic device. First, was a digital camera. I accidentally drop it into the ocean while I was walking by the seaside. I instantly turn it on to see whether its working or not. BAD IDEA. never ever turn the device on right after it get wets.

Next was my waterproof camera. It wasn't that expensive. I only bought it for RM20. Thought it will works since it does not use any battery or display media. It just need a kodak Film. 

lastly, my iphone. wore the waterproof case but it get instantly wet when i went for a swim. I did not turn it on for several days. after 1 week, the phone still working properly except the back camera is not working. so I went to Lowyat to get it fix and change the back camera that cost me RM80. 

Next scenario when I went to Pulau tioman. I have wet hand. remember to never used cheap usb cable to charge you iphone. It can cause your charging port to burn out like mine! :'( 

the cost of repairing that is RM180. right after a week, my phone got drowned in the washing machine. worst mistake, I try to turn it on instantly while I was blow drying the whole body. It does not work that way! first, remove the simcard from the phone. and then please please open the device all up to dry it. better, if you went to repair service since they have a chemical foam to instantly clean the device without damaging the CPU or motherboard. 

by the time I went to the repair shop to get it fix, it was already too late. I waited for 1 week just because I have final examination. But the repairman said the CPU have burn out. it will cost me more if i still trying to get it fix. like everyone always said to me, Buy i new Iphone!

This incident happen on 22/12/2014. I do not have an iphone for a month. I just used a basic phone to received call, make a call and text messages. even my android phone, Asus, was broken! it is too fragile if you not wearing any tempered glass or protective case. so mine got broken on the LCD. the phone was only RM299. Repair cost for the LCD screen is RM250. not worth it right? -.-

after a long savings, manage to persuade my sister to used her credit card and apple account to purchase an Iphone for me. It was hard for me to choose whether to buy Iphone 5s or Iphone 6. my mistake for choosing 16gb, You only need to add RM300 for 64gb okay! regret -.-

after a long hard consideration, I choose Iphone 6 Gold.

I order it on Monday, 19th January 2015 approximately at 11.00pm. Can't wait any longer :'D then the struggle begin to keep refresh DHL express site to see whether the phone has been delivered to the courier van. in my case, Only took 3 days to receive my parcel.

so here the overview how the process work.

There's an orange van at your front door on the same day if the status said "with delivery courier". So i've waited since the morning. luckily the package arrived at 12.30pm. I merely jump out and down as it was my birthday present. haha

so here it is!

Bundle of joy :'D

in the box. Earphone and the charging cable.
at first i was literally shocked whether they forgot to put my usb cable in the box :'D

The USB cable. of course it's not there, cause I have used it :P
have wrapped it with charging cable to protect it lifespan.

Don't you know how fragile the usb cable is? instead of using wire, I used charger wrapper :D hope it help to extend the life span for this little baby :'D

the tempered glass @ RM25. 
extremely important just in case I drop my phone :'D

I used the phone to take this picture. Does not have any other camera phone to used. therefore can't snap the picture of the phone. haha

not in a way to show what I have. 
I'm just happy and blessed. not spoiled :'D

January 12, 2015


Assalammualaikum and good morning everyone! 

wow. It's almost been 2 week we are in 2015. How time flies. I can't believe I'm turning 23 in 2 months time. hehe. Just a few months ago, my family and I took a trip to Pulau Tioman for a short vacay. not to forget our sunglasses during our trip by Ferry from Mersing Jetty to Pulau Tioman. hehe! It was hot sunny day. 

so, what is sunglasses have to do anything with the issue here? 

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aren't they adorable? :)

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Get one for youself! you won't regret :)

last but not least,
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January 07, 2015

New Year 2015

Sudah seminggu tahun 2015. how is your day? for me was a bit disappointment this year since I've lost my Iphone. bukan lost pun. rosak. rosak which can't be fix. major disappointment for that since I bought it for RM2,200 back in 2013.

looking forward to purchase a new iphone. insufficient money. what do you expect, Nad? student lagi. memang tak mampulah jawabnya. haha.

Bihun goreng with Hazelnut iced RM15. 
only in Publika.

The bihun cost me RM10. can you believe it? haha :'D
But I guess people who love cafe hunting, should come to Publika. There's like a lot cafe here. even have a cafe called "Seremban oldtown". like whattt, haha. Seremban famous okay?

Love the interior design of this Cafe. But i can't recall the name of this place.

I came to Publika just to fix my phone. but unfortunately some things are not meant to be fix. redha sahaja. careless sebab boleh masuk Iphone dalam washing machine. can you believe that?!

went to The Curve in Damansara for Dip n Dip. this happen before new year. 
didn't expect to be able to satisfy my craving for chocolate before new year.

well, the waiters there was so friendly. there was a couple who suddenly barge in before us(we came first so technically that suppose to be our seat). The waiter nicely stood upon the couple and said we were here first, so they should have wait in the lines to be seated. haha. feeling special somehow. thought it was prejudice :P

Brownies and strawberry in a sticks.

The brownies crepe cost RM28.50 whereas the stick cost RM16(tak silap).

love the rose.

someone bought a mocking jay pin for me. 
This cost RM25! mahal :(

The next day, 2nd January 2015

You can walk on the glass floor which is transparent for you to see the lower ground :D
too bad I was wearing a skirt, a bit shy. what if people on the lower ground could see underneath my skirt lah? haha. that's the reason for this pose :P

the glass floor. it might be slippery during rainy days though

 Kuew Tiow Goreng Kerang without sayur.
I do not prefer vegies in my meal :'D

able to eat Hotcakes at Mcdonald for breakfast :D amazing!

Nasi Ayam/udang penyet.

Selamat tahun baru!
Happy new year!
Xinnian Quaile!

may you have amazing year :D

Pink Rose Flower Pink Rose Flower